To sit and to observe

Okay so the story has been put on hold and maybe I’ll come back to it later but this is something I wrote in the spur of the moment so hope you like it… Also I hope to be more consistent this year with my posts so look forward to those 🙂

Coffee-1-Shutterstock05/01/19; A reflection of some sort

It’s 10am on a quiet Saturday morning and I’m currently sat at my favourite coffee shop drinking my mocha as I got off work early. I’m not feeling my best and I’m lacking the enthusiasm to do anything. In solitude I drink, letting my thoughts run in all directions but then I stop to simply just sit and to observe.

An old couple walks in and they’re bickering like mad over what they both want for lunch later but oh my, if you could see the love they had for each other in their eyes, you’ll never question if love could ever be eternal. Eventually, they agree on lasagne and she goes to find a seat while he goes to order. However, as soon as she’s found a seat he rushes to her side to tuck her in; a true gentleman I’d say. But then she gets mad that he’s just ran out of the queue and so playfully hits him and goes, “oh look at what you did now Graham.” To which he just replied with, “the wait is nothing for you love.” Okay so at this point I was internally screaming at the pureness of their love. Then as they got their order and sat down to talk, I quickly averted my gaze to someplace else as I felt like I was intruding.

In the corner of my eyes, I spot a Mother that’s just rolled in with her child in a stroller. This boy was adorable! He had these gentle green eyes that were innocent at first glance but mixed with that sly smirk of his, it screamed for mischief. He also had luscious blonde hair and kept yelling for a Mr. Ruggles which I later figured out was his stuffed animal. As the mother got something hot to drink, she bought a muffin for her child and together they talked about how later on they would go swimming together with his friends. While she drank and he ate, there was a certain amount of bliss to be seen on her face, perhaps it was her few moments of calm before the busy day fully started for them. Everything was going smoothly until he decided he had had enough of his muffin and so threw it across the table where it landed on the waitress passing by. Although he did it on purpose as if suddenly realising what he did was wrong, his eyes welled up and he uttered an undecipherable sorry to the waitress who just laughed it off. As the mum apologised again for him to the waitress, I couldn’t help but smile at the situation. As she looks up our eyes lock and I give her my smile along with a knowing look to which her smile grows even more. There was a certain amount of pride on her face as she averted her gaze back down to her child. I look away again.

Soon, I become fascinated by the boy who is sat to the opposite corner of me. He seemed to be lost in his work; laptop out and a book by his side accompanied by what looked like a steaming cup of coffee. A boy that seemed like he was my age actually but was he actually reading literature? Was he reading the classic, “The Catcher in the Rye” by choice? So many questions bombarded my mind until I saw him pick up the book and read it.  There weren’t any drastic highlighting or notes to be seen that were suffocating the words on the page so, I let myself believe that this boy was doing this by choice. A boy, my age was actually reading, in a coffee shop. Even if he wasn’t, he must be at least a little bit interested to have chosen English Literature as a subject right. A few minutes later he closes his laptop and continues to read, I once again find happiness in a little act performed by a stranger.

I decide to stop observing those around me and as I finish off my mocha I zone in on myself. I listen to me. My own voice and I allow myself to reflect to which I come to the realisation of how happiness really can be found in the tiniest moments, things and people. There are days when we are so busy that we forget ourselves, that we often forget that although everyone is at different stages in their life, we are all in it together. Now, I’m not saying that we are all one because that’s one of the lessons I learned in 2018, to not be so naive into thinking that humanity is found in everyone because sorry to break it to you, there are some horrible people out there in the world. I know. Wow, it took me 18 years of existence to figure that one out but in my defence, I’ve been living a pretty secluded life. I’ve actually been refusing to believe that “bad people” existed but I realised that hiding from the problem isn’t going to solve it. However, I truly believe that people are only “bad” because of circumstance brought them up like that or that they know no different.

Anyways as I went so off topic during the end of that paragraph, my point is that on days that you cannot find happiness within yourself, just take a walk to your local park or go sit in a coffee shop and simply just be there in the moment and observe. Happiness can radiate of other people into you, never underestimate the power of a smile even if it’s from a complete stranger.

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and New year!

with love,

Broni x


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