Her Darkness; The Introduction

Instead of me ranting to you about something I thought I’d do something different today. From today on, I’m going to be posting little excerpts from a short story which hasn’t actually been written yet. So basicallyyyy I’m just going with the flow so don’t be too harsh okay?


GENRE: Thriller/ Horror/ Suspense

s.jpg There she stood, tall and proud. The woman who had brought all this agony to me. The woman who tore my life apart. As I stood there, I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

It had been a while since I had one of those nights. The kind of night that engulfs you into your own personal sea of darkness, where you will drown into its depths. In the processes of drowning, many questions will invade your mind; many doubts and many reminders will come along too. Some will sound absurd when you look back when you are sane again, however while you are drowning, they will add weight to you. They will hold you down like shackles.  Question after question, reminder after reminder that go a little something like this:

“Your nose is too pointy.”

“Actually no, its your eyes that are too small with that massive forehead.”

“Oh remember that time where you made a complete fool of yourself.”

“As if you think you’re good enough.”

Usually I am able to shut these thoughts out and in the average person these thoughts occur too. Yet, during some days this woman is stronger than I am and I fall into the mercy of her. As a body that keeps on fighting though I keep enduring her taunts, for at the deepest corners of my mind I still want to keep going. That is my greatest strength and as I realise now, it is her greatest weakness. She wants me gone, I want her gone. A constant battle till the day I die. Or so I thought…


So yeh that’s all I have as my Introduction, stay tuned to see what happens next?

Don’t worry next time it will be a longer post!

with love,

Broni x

P.S As if I’m turning 18 next month and as if I have this huge responsibility of choosing a uni and the right course all on me at the moment, along with A levels which are slowly killing me by the way. I hope you’re all good though 🙂





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