Modest in culture?

Warning: Not been completly edited

Long time no see huh?

Well what can I say? Actually where do I even start. These past 3 months have been pretty hectic to be honest. A load of people have come into my life, while a few sadly left and though it was kind of sad at the time, I’m much happier about it all now. I have grown so much (sadly not physically) and I look back at my progress and honestly I’m amazed at how far I’ve become.  In the months I stopped blogging, I started to realise how dependent I was on it. It was my space to voice my thoughts, my release.

At first it was kind of hard because I had made it a habit to just let everything flow out into the open. So, when ever I felt things I was back to keeping things bottled up; which is extremely unhealthy mind. Then soon, I started to realise how much I hated it as I started to become irritated and stuff over nothing from not being able to speak almost. Hence, I invested in a little journal, not the diary kind just a book that I can let go in.

The topic of my first journal rant is what I actually want to share with you guys today. Coincidentally, I found this post on Instagram which I totally agree with and is relatable to this post.

Via @the_indian_feminist

I think this is such an important topic to voice especially in this time and day. I’m addressing this mainly to all my fellow Indians because I feel strongly about this being a heck lot relatable in our society.

Growing up, most of us have been told how it is basically wrong to show off too much skin and that we should always be covered. However, after being in the UK with such a different culture to our own, it is natural for us to take up their traits. But then again it is also natural for us to be judging others straight away because from the age of how ever old, you have been told over and over again, how it is “not right” or “wrong” to “show of skin.” So, you yourself always will believe this too (this is psychology right here). I have caught myself so many times being like this, thinking “wow, how is she wearing that” or “wow, why is her skirt so short,” blah blah. But then, I always quickly make it positive. I know it makes me sound like I’m so judgemental but you can’t deny it happens or that you haven’t once thought it.

I do strongly believe that what you do with those thoughts next is who you actually are though; they define you. I have been in so many conversations which consisted of girls “slagging” of other girls or guys chatting complete b*****t about girls, just because she wasn’t being “modest to her culture.” No for real though, the funniest part about those boys is that, they’ll be saying the most vile things about the girls but then they’ll still go get with them because she’s “fit.” And I’m sorry but one does not have to be modest to embrace her culture.

Having said all this, after the day I wrote about this internal battle of what I was conditioned to think, versus what I actually thought I started to work on it more. Now, if I see a girl with I dunno just a large t-shirt on and small shorts I praise her, because damn I wish I could be that confident. I actually struggle to care these days. Like let people wear what ever they want, after all it is their body and they get to decide what covers them. If their own parents allow them to do it, don’t be bitter and jealous just because you don’t have the same privilege. Yes, I acknowledge when something doesn’t look right (completely okay to do so by the way, your opinion is your opinion) but I don’t actually voice my thoughts in those situations. I bite my tongue and learn to accommodate to the taste of others. What you have to realise is that, they aren’t dressing to impress you, or for you at all so at the end of the day be happy for them and what they do.


Honestly I could rant about this all day but I’m trying to keep my posts short so they don’t bore you lot too much. Hope you’re all well and enjoying this heat wave. I’ve been sweating buckets (yum I know), with my fan being my best friend.

with love and sprinkles of kindness, Broni x


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