The night before we part


We have all heard the term if you love her/him you should let them go. But it’s so hard to do so when as humans our natural instinct is to hold on and grasp when ever somethings slipping away. Haven’t you noticed how a baby grips onto your fingers? By listening to this statement you may let go of the one thing that you treasure, sometimes permanently. Why would you risk that? If you love someone you wouldn’t let go, you will stay and hold on and try and fix what ever problems you go through.
On the other hand you must let go if they are breaking you. You must push your feelings away to the back of your mind and turn away. It will be hard as your feelings may be really strong. Strong to the point they suffocate you and every piece of your heart will tell you to just jump into their arms, NO. Don’t do it. Walk away. This isn’t healthy for you, you are blinded by their fake love stop and run away.
Just for one night though, you are allowed to jump into their arms. For one last night to enjoy each others company. Push away all thoughts and issues and just embrace the love. Then tomorrow you shall part ways.
A.N This is just me having a bit of a ramble I guess and  not my usual post but I have been having the biggest writers block ever, not finding the confidence to post more. I even bought myself a new book to motivate me to write but I just can’t seem to.
Quick update on my life (if you wanted to know lol)
  • I started college doing the subjects I want to do (Philosophy & Ethics, Psychology and English language)
  • I got a JOB! I tutor kids at this company called magikats and get paid well
  • I’m planning to hit the gym (as soon as my mum lets me go -_- )

Anyways thanks for reading!

~Broni x


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