Appreciation; The hurting


It’s quite funny just when I thought I wasn’t going to update today because I couldn’t think of anything, I spoke with my mum, and an idea just sparked into my head. This post will be a bit of a rant and I’m sorry for that.

So today I got my geography coursework’s result back and I got an A*. I was shocked because I honestly thought I was going to fail it but super happy with myself that my hard work paid off, like I spent ages on it and so I decided to share that happiness with my parents. Jokes on me for thinking they actually cared. Do you know what they said? “Oh who cares that doesn’t matter, what matters is your Science and Maths grades. What did you get in them?”

It’s typical isn’t it for some parents to not care about any other subjects apart from Maths and Science or the other core ones? I mean yes they are important but what if I, or you are a person that hates both of them and do not do as well in them? I personally am more of an English and art lover. They don’t understand that there are Jobs out there, Jobs that YOU want to do that don’t actually require you to have A*s in Maths and science.

So when you are happy with yourself for once, when you have got good marks in a subject you actually enjoy doing, you want to be appreciated is that such a bad thing?

I feel like this is one aspect of life the society is weak in, appreciation. They can not accept someone as an individual or their talents. They want to groom and tailor us all to be “perfect” kids with “perfect” attitudes, looks and grades. They want us all to be the SAME. I hate how society cares too much about what other people think of them. I’m sorry would they rather us pretend to be someone we are not and be miserable or for us to be happy and live life knowing that we lived and loved each moment? I don’t want to wake up in the future, each day regretting the job I do, regretting the life I live. I already have so many regrets right now but I’m slowly getting over them and therefore I don’t need more.

So if your parents say negative things when you did really well in a non core subject, don’t believe in them, believe in yourself.  Go do what YOU enjoy, if you want to do photography because that’s what you love do it. If you want to draw do it. Heck if you want to be a footballer go be one. And if your parents don’t appreciate you just remember this, I appreciate you. I appreciate your efforts. Your hard work. And you probably think I’m just saying that but I’m not. Yes, so what I probably don’t know you? So what I don’t know your problems? So what we probably haven’t met? I appreciate you, I really do, no matter what you’ve done. And there will be other people, your friends, your siblings, cousin, grandma, granddad whoever it may be, if they knew the real you, about your true happiness and goals in life they will too. We will be so proud of you, for JUST being YOU. If you haven’t got to where you want to be in life just yet, set yourself goals, motivate yourself and come to terms with what you have and be confident in it. Learn from the past, make amends and if you think it’s too late it really isn’t.

Also I want you to take care of yourself. Go out for a walk. Come home take a long shower or bath. Wear your PJs and binge watch your favorite films or TV series. Because you are important. Because you have tried and worked so hard and most importantly because you believe in yourself. And now I do too.

A while ago I wrote this down in my notebook

You don’t know what it’s like to be unnoticed everyday

to try so hard to the point you lose yourself

to go through everyday feeling like you aren’t good enough

to know that you’re never going to fit in

to strive to achieve perfection but fail

and to busy themselves with everyone else’s problems to ignore their own

you don’t know and you never will


But now I’m trying to heal so;

Here’s to the kids who go unnoticed

here’s to the kids who tried so hard they lost themselves

here’s to the kids who feel like they aren’t good enough

here’s to the kids who don’t fit in

here’s to the kids that strived to achieve perfection

here’s to the kids that helps everyone else but forgets about themselves

here’s to the kids in the background

With love

   sprinklesofkindness x

P.S stay strong and sprinkle that kindness 🙂

P.SS I’m sure my parents are happy with my geography grade deep down

P.SSS Also this quote is very important

P.SSSS And how cute is that fisheinstein_24x36feat_1024x1024


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