Insecurities; The Healing

be-kinder-black-and-white-01I just don’t understand how some people can say mean things so easily. Like someone could have spent years on learning to love themselves and then you have to go and say something horrible to them, taking them back to square one.

You don’t know what they have been through how much work they had to actually put in. No, I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to voice your opinions, I’m just saying just be mindful of what you say to others. Think before you speak. Before you open your mouth think to yourself, “would i like it if someone told me that?” It’s as simple as that.

I know someone who every time she laughs looks down or away and one day I noticed because I always tend to notice the little things. When i asked her why she does that she told me that a while back this boy had told her how when she smiles her eyes tend to squint and that she gets a horrible glint in her eye. This made me quite angry at the time because due to him, her happiness had turned into an insecurity. As we continued on talking i tried making her laugh and when she did I watched (no i’m not a creep) and damn her smile was so beautiful. Her eyes didn’t squint, they grew slightly bigger and I dunno how but her pupils turned a slight shade lighter. And till this day every time she does smile I remind her of how beautiful it all actually is and not to listen to some low life boy.

If you do see something like this happening, please just please step in and help them. Sometimes all they need is a little push and reassurance. Sprinkle some of your kindness and happiness into their lives, make someones day. Call someone beautiful today, talk to that “quiet” girl/boy.

First step of recovery is to accept the fact that you have what you have. And then all you have to do is Love. Learn to love yourself and your insecurity. Your insecurity may be what is loved by all, what makes you, you.

With love

~Broni x

Important date: 06/08/16; The day she smiled at me in confidence, without looking away or down : ) x



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