Salam, I was first introduced to the term Islamophobia in year 9 by my R.E teacher who began the lesson by asking everyone “who here is a bit hesitant when they see a muslim walking down their way?” I among others honestly put our hands up, not too sure why this had anything to do … More Islamophobia

Indian Aunties

Namaste, Well if it isn’t that time of year again, when indian parents/aunties/uncles don’t care how you are doing anymore it’s just, “exams engane pogunthu? revise cheytho?” I mean I nearly had an incident when an aunty asked me what do you want to be in the future and as an automatic response I say … More Indian Aunties

Suicide is selfish?

WARNING; THIS MAY TRIGGER. I AM NOT TRYING TO PROMOTE OR PROVOKE SUICIDE. I’M JUST PUTTING SOME FACTS OUT THERE. So this is such a hard topic to open up about for me but I feel like it’s necessary. In all honesty I am sick and tired of hearing the phrase “suicide is selfish”  when … More Suicide is selfish?

You do you

¡Hola! I love this saying in spanish so much, eso si que es (if you don’t know how to pronounce it just spell s o c k s). Truth is once something has happened we can’t really go back and change it, sure we can make amends but we can’t change the past. What has … More You do you

Who am I?

Marhaban bial’asdiqa’ Who am I? Who are you? This is probably the most difficult question I have asked myself or you probably have heard someone ask you. The question that’s been bothering me for the past year and perhaps you. Maybe this is new to you or maybe you have always been curious about this … More Who am I?