Salam, I was first introduced to the term Islamophobia in year 9 by my R.E teacher who began the lesson by asking everyone “who here is a bit hesitant when they see a muslim walking down their way?” I among others honestly put our hands up, not too sure why this had anything to do … More Islamophobia

Indian Aunties

Namaste, Well if it isn’t that time of year again, when indian parents/aunties/uncles don’t care how you are doing anymore it’s just, “exams engane pogunthu? revise cheytho?” I mean I nearly had an incident when an aunty asked me what do you want to be in the future and as an automatic response I say … More Indian Aunties

Suicide is selfish?

WARNING; THIS MAY TRIGGER. I AM NOT TRYING TO PROMOTE OR PROVOKE SUICIDE. I’M JUST PUTTING SOME FACTS OUT THERE. So this is such a hard topic to open up about for me but I feel like it’s necessary. In all honesty I am sick and tired of hearing the phrase “suicide is selfish”  when … More Suicide is selfish?

You do you

¡Hola! I love this saying in spanish so much, eso si que es (if you don’t know how to pronounce it just spell s o c k s). Truth is once something has happened we can’t really go back and change it, sure we can make amends but we can’t change the past. What has … More You do you